Darjeeling Tea

Experience the floral aroma and richness of Darjeeling Tea, handpicked from the finest tea gardens of Darjeeling.

Darjeeling Tea from Goodricke Tea?

Originating from the hills of Darjeeling, the eponymous tea is grown in the Darjeeling tea gardens, known worldwide for its robust flavour. Delicately Hand and processed in top of the art manufacturing units, certified by Rain Forest Alliance, IMO (for Organic certified gardens), ISO etc. At Goodricke Tea, we promise to pack the world-renowned authentic flavour of Darjeeling tea in our packs. Rich in antioxidants like theaflavins and thearubigins, drinking Darjeeling tea not only helps your body fight free radicals but also induces a stress-relieving effect. Available in white, black, green and oolong variants, Goodricke Tea is a versatile Darjeeling tea brand with well known Darjeeling gardens under it’s fold. With a plethora of fine teas to choose from, Goodricke Tea is the go-to choice when it comes to buying Darjeeling tea online.

Varieties of Darjeeling Tea:

Tea drinking started on medicinal grounds but today it’s a beverage that has engulfed the world in its soulful taste. At Goodricke Tea, we offer a premium and a wide selection for you to choose when you buy Darjeeling tea online. The crowning jewel in Goodricke Tea’s repertoire is Castleton Premium Muscatel Darjeeling Tea. With a supremely rich flavour of Muscat grapes and an enigmatic aroma, it is a luxury in every sip. Famous for its scent is the Thurbo Darjeeling Whole Leaf Tea, matchless in terms of flavour. Speaking of flavour, every chai lover must try Roasted Darjeeling Tea that infuses a rich malty taste. The list of enchanting brews continues with 100% organic Badamtam Chestlet Tea plucked during the first spring flush. Coming straight from Darjeeling’s Mirik Valley is the savoury Thurbo Darjeeling Tea Fannings, extracted from whole tea leaves and packed by experts to seal its goodness in every pack. We believe each variant has its own specialty and as an organic tea company we enhance its uniqueness.

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