Green Tea

Rejuvenate and refresh yourself by drinking the best-quality Green Tea from India.

Benefits of Green Tea

Drinking Goodricke Tea’s 100% Organic Green tea daily will not only improve your overall health but also make you feel fresh and active. Loaded with bioactive compounds, green tea leaves have antioxidants that prevent several diseases.Catechin compounds in green tea have protective effects on neurons, which reduces the risk of developing Alzheimer’s and the Parkinson’s disease.

Green tea is known to aid in weight loss & reduce blood sugar levels. Overall, Goodricke’s green tea health benefits are many, keeping you hail and hearty for long.

Green tea from Goodricke?

The best green tea brand in India from the house of Goodricke Tea are abundant in flavour, For times when you crave the taste of nature, Barnesbeg organic green tea can be the best choice since it’s tea leaves are picked directly from our organic certified Barnesbeg Tea Garden in Darjeeling. Fresh and well preserved, they remind you of the authentic Darjeeling aroma. Our Barnesbeg ginger and tulsi green tea is known for its healing and immunity building properties. For a breath of fresh air, you must try the Barnesbeg lemon and mint green tea that induces an energizing effect. The samovar green tea carton by Goodricke Tea is a blend of pure long leaves made in Samovar. When brewed gently, it invokes a refreshing taste and consumes one wholly. It comes as no surprise that Samovar green tea is known to be addictive.Every person has their favorite green tea, distinct in flavour but consistent in health. Find the green tea best suited to you and bring home its benefits with Goodricke’s green tea. So now when it comes to green tea, buy online without any worry!

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