Assam - From the land of Rivers and Wild Life

Lush and green, fed by the mighty Brahmaputra River, India's largest tea growing state of Assam is well known for its premium teas.

Both Orthodox and CTC Teas are produced and consumed in India and exported worldwide, mainly to the U.K., Middle East and Germany.

The teas are rich in color with body and fullness and are in great demand as the ideal invigorating drink.


The pioneer Col. Sir James Buckingham C.I.E., developed the Amgoorie Tea Garden and it was here that the CTC machine was first developed in 1931, revolutionizing tea manufacture forever. Amgoorie is situated on the South bank of the river Brahmaputra and shares a common boundary with Nagaland. The name itself comes from the word ‘AAM’ meaning Mango and ‘GURI’ meaning roots of the Mango tree, as there were a lot of old Mango trees in the area. Amgoorie enjoys the status of being amongst the top CTC gardens in Assam with a quality that is sought after, both within the country and abroad.